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Brief History




Ricotta cheese is a soft, bland, semisweet cheese that originated in Italy and developed in all Europe. The cheese is literally cooked twice hence the name "ricotta," re-cooked. 



It is a fresh cheese made from sheep, cow, goat or buffalo’s milk whey leftover from the production of cheese. 

Being low in fat and high in protein, Ricotta is a dieter’s dream cheese.



Ricotta is a popular ingredient in many dishes like lasagna, manicotti, cassata, cheesecake, calzone, pizza, and ravioli and dips. 

It is also suitable as a sauce thickener. Fresh Ricotta pairs great with Sauvignon Blanc.


What’s unique?

Today, ricotta is made in numerous parts of the world, where its production was unknown until a few years ago. 

The commercial versions of ricotta are sold in many parts of the world, are very useful in the kitchen, particularly in pastry and pasta dishes. 

But, there is nothing that can compare to the taste of fresh authentic ricotta.


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