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Pandelyssi dairy products are created with care by the Kekkou family from Cyprus. Our unique flavour and consistent quality has made us a favourite with gourmet restaurants and food lovers alike. We specialize in original, handmade halloumi. We also manufacture fetta and ricotta cheese. Our wholesale and distribution network ensures great quality at a reasonable price.




Pandelyssi prides itself on using high quality, organic ingredients in the manufacture of all its products. We use traditional age-old recipes and maintain stringent quality control in a clean consistent manner of production. Our manufacturing unit is based in Brisbane and the milk is sourced from surrounding dairies.



The Kekkou family is represented by three generations. Grandmother, Panayiota Antonis Kekkou (Patricia) learnt these recipes from her mother and elders in Cyprus. She has been making cheese since she was about eight years old.


Patricia’s son, Pantelis Antonis Kekkou (Patrick) founded the Pandelyssi business. He named the company Pandelyssi to acknowledge his family name Pande and his ancestral village of lyssi.

Patrick is supported by his wife Andrea and their son Antonis Kekkou (Anthony), in day-to-day operations. Pandelyssi is a family – owned and operated enterprise with a passion for creating gourmet, traditional cheeses.




Halloumi: A smooth yet firm versatile cheese with a slightly salty texture.

Ricotta: A white, creamy, mild cheese consisting of moist, delicate grains.

Fetta: A white, solid but crumbly cheese with a milky fresh acidity.




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