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Brief History




Halloumi cheese has its origins dating back hundreds of years from the island of Cyprus in eastern Mediterrarean, located between Egypt and Lebanon. The early beginnings stem from shepherds working the mountains where they produced a cheese by mixing goat and ewe’s milk.



Pandelyssi halloumi cheese is a natural, gourmet traditional family recipe created by a small boutique business of the Kekkou family from Cyprus. With over three generations of expertise in traditional cheese making processes, they are dedicated to achieving top shelf quality and passionate about producing premium halloumi cheese.



Pandelyssi uses traditional processes applying handmade techniques. Made from cow’s milk curd, the halloumi curd is immersed into hot whey (a bi-product of the milk) and cooked for about an hour. The warm cheese is removed and folded in half using dried mint leaves in the fold, then cooled and cured with natural salt.



What’s unique
Pandelyssi halloumi is delicious with a smooth yet firm texture and is not too salty. This fantastic gourmet cheese can be grilled, grated, fried or marinated. Unlike other halloumi, it stays soft on your plate for longer.


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